Useful Tips In Selecting A Commercial Bakery Equipment Vendor

The quality of bakery products and cakes depends on commercial bakery equipment utilized. Particularly in the huge production of food items, the condition and taste of bread, pastries, and cakes are reliant on the instrument utilized, from the prepar...

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Proofing cabinets / Proofing Room by East gate Factory

Proofing is the final step in making dough before baking when you allow the dough to rise via the fermentation of yeast.  A proofer is a piece of equipment designed to provide specific temperature and relative humidity conditions to boost fermentatio...

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List of Equipment Needed To Start Bakery Business

To start a bakery, you need a list of equipment and essential supplies. It is very important to have a complete list of items or equipment required to start a bakery business. This article will list the basic equipment needed to start a bakery. 


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Tunnel Ovens by Eastgate Factory

No single baking technique is ideal for all baking products.  Manufacturers like Eastgate factory offer several tunnel oven solutions that can meet your production goals, optimize space, and enhance the quality of products.  Our tunnel ovens are avai...

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Why investing in Rotary Oven is a great choice?

A rotary Oven is a must in every bakery and here are the main reasons why you should consider investing in one.  It provides uniform heating:  One of the greatest benefits that come with the rotary oven is that they provide uniform baking. This means...

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Bakery Equipment designed to divide dough precisely and delicately for increased production

Dough dividers are commercial bakery equipment that takes a large batch of dough and portion it out into equally sized and weighted balls of dough for consistent results when making pies, loaves of bread, or even pizza crusts. Dough dividers are grea...

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Automatic, adjustable, safe and Easy clean Bread Slicing Machine

A bread slicing machine is necessary whenever you need to slice a large amount of bread in the shortest period. A slicing machine will make this job effortless. An electric slicing machine can save a lot of time. It is a vital and essential part of p...

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Deck Oven Vs Rack Oven

The most important bakery equipment of any bakery is Oven. There are a variety of different ovens available for commercial use. Even though it seems that all the oven does the same job, however, while choosing the right type of oven, it depends on wh...

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Benefits of Rack Oven Baking

Quality baking is one of the cooking which is crucial part in commercial kitchen. It depends on many factor such as taste and aroma. An attracting brown color is also one of the main factor to consider. The baked food need to be mouthwatering when se...

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Ovens from world leading brands

East Gate Factory ovens provide the fine service in terms of preparing specific varieties of food quickly and efficiently. It has taken the lead in the marketplace due to its versatility, comfort, and different numerous advantages. With its multi fun...

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Arabic bread ovens

Our product range includes Arabic bread ovens, Lebanese bread Automatic plant, sheeter machine, dough flattener, bread Cutting machines and many more    We are also specialist in full automatic bakery plant and bakery system....

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Arabic Bread Machines

In Gulf region, if we talk about bakery equipments, we cannot skip the name East gate Bakery Equipment Factory. With over 50 years of market presence, we have the pride to stand as the one and only manufacturer of Arabic Bread Equipment in the entire...

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Bakery Equipment in UAE

Both start-up bakeries and large well-established facilities require equipment to prepare baked goods. When starting a bakery, the business owner can begin with smaller capacity equipment and upgrade as the business grows. Ovens, mixers, baker racks ...

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