Benefits of Rack Oven Baking

Quality baking is one of the cooking which is crucial part in commercial kitchen. It depends on many factor such as taste and aroma. An attracting brown color is also one of the main factor to consider. The baked food need to be mouthwatering when served to customers. To this end rack ovens give your baking a high quality brown color in addition to aroma and taste. That is why rack oven becomes a favorite of bakers. Apart from this there are many advantages of rack oven which you might consider adding one to your bakery s equipment line-up.
 Convection Heat
 Rack Oven uses the convection heat technology for backing. A convection heating oven helps to save on cooking temperatures and cooking time.  It bake your product quickly and more evenly as compared to radiant heat ovens. Inside the baking chamber of Rack Oven, the hot air is evenly distributed with low velocity fans. The even baking from the front to back is achieved by steady and consistent rotation of the rack within the oven. Rack ovens allow you to load and unload the entire chamber at once with may pans as compared to other ovens where you need to load and unload one pan at a time. Which means that all the products that are loaded in the oven gets evenly baked and takes same amount of time. This helps the bakers to get rid of waiting time for the products that takes longer time to bake since they are not loaded at once.
 Flexibility plays vital role when it comes to baking industry. You need an oven that wont just give you the ability to bake but also offers the opportunity to accommodate most emerging trends. You can get this flexibility with Rack Oven without compromising the quality and taste. A wide assortment of sweet products like cakes, cookies, pies, biscuits, pastries, croissants, to give some examples are perfect for rack oven baking. Just need to turn on the steam and you can create amazing different kinds of breads. Rack oven can be excellent choice for savory items like roasted meats and vegetables.
 Easy to Use
 The rack ovens are very easy to use which requires minimum training to use them. It has a programmable control panel where you can set temperatures, timing and more. You can load the products in the night, select the appropriate baking cycle and leave it without attention and you will get the ready for packaging or use products in the morning, The programmed rack oven eliminates the need to frequently opening the oven doors and to check on multiple cooking. This helps to save the energy consumption because the opening oven doors frequently disturbs the heating temperature.
 Saves on Space
 Rack Oven saves the space which is one of the most attractive features of it. Rack Oven has vertically arranged chambers due to which they are able to accommodate a higher pan capacity at a time. Which means that rack oven allow you to bake a variety of products at the same time and thus provides the highest productivity.
 Here are the list of things that you should consider while purchasing the Rack Oven:
 1. Heat distribution should be even for consistent baking. Heat transfer should be uniform and with low speed. It should not be too strong to dry out the products.
 2. Programmable control panel should be easy to understand and use with enough options to select for baking.
 3. Steam should be distributed evenly inside the chamber and should be evacuated from the chamber when needed.
 4. Manufacturing quality which gives you reliability for many years.
 5. The rack lifting system should be strong and capable of handling large product loads. 
 6. Look for the continuous customer support Availability
 If you are seeking for increase in bakery production along with more features like versatility, ease of use, then Rack oven will be the right choice to upgrade your kitchen. Talk to qualified expert from East Gate Factory to find out if Rack oven is right for your need.

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