How To Clean And Maintain A Commercial Bread Slicer

Bread slicers are commonly used in bakeries and hotels that make their bread. Whole loaves of bread are consistently and equal size sliced using commercial machines. Here are few cleaning and maintenance tips for commercial bread slicer machines.
 How important is Maintaining Your Bread Slicer Machine?
 The equipment in your commercial kitchen needs to be well-maintained. The bakery equipment undergoes continuous or frequent usage, and if it is not maintained, it can negatively impact production, sales, and your budget.
 Bacterial development in machine parts and cross-contamination can be reduced when slicers are cleaned and properly maintained. If not well maintained, slicers can end up in serious sanitation difficulties. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, one should not take any shortcuts. A lot of small crumbs get produced when you slice bread. Make sure to clear out the crumbs regularly. They do not build up and reduce the machine s efficiency. It ensures food safety.
 Cleaning Suggestions for Your Bread Slicing Machine
 1. Before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance, read the instruction handbook.
 2. Always take caution!
 3. Before cleaning or performing any maintenance on your bread slicer, make sure the machine is fully unplugged.
 4. Always use safety gloves to protect your hands.
 5. Wipe off the equipment, especially the blade, with a wet towel soaked in liquid soap or sanitizer.
 6. To avoid bad bread taste, wipe down the bread slicer with hot water damp towel after cleaning.
 7. To avoid rust, always dry your bread slicer with a dry towel after cleaning it.
 8. Clean the blades carefully because the blades are quite sharp, and you might easily injure yourself.
 9. Remove and replace each blade one at a time and place it in the appropriate spot.
 10.When you finish cleaning your bread slicer, tighten all of the screws.

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