ASM60 Spiral Dough Mixer

The specification of the ATRA Automatic Spiral Mixer is to knead more dough in a much shorter time.It enables to make very little flour to dough and also more homogenate dough mixture and bigger volume bread.
   All surfaces which are contact with the food are made of food stuff friendly materials
   (Bowl, spiral hook, scraping knife and etc.)
   The automatic and manual use options are available.
   The kneading time can be adjusted.
   By means of the belt pulley system, it operates very quietly.
   It also provides two speed use by its double positioned motor.
   The emergency stop function and the security system on the cover are available.
   The machine moves easily through the wheels.
 ASM 60 
 Flour Capacity 
 35 kg 
 Dough Capacity 
 90 kg. 
 Bowl Volume 
 70 Lt.
 Rate of Engine 
 2,5 - 3,2 KW. 
 Dimensions A x B x C 
 640x1130x1200 mm
 300 Kg. 
 Dim of Bowl Diameter / Height
 600x330 mm

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