ABS03 Automatic  Bread Slicing Machine

ABS 03 Bread Slicer which is designed for large scale bakeries, pastries, restaurants and hotels, is an esthetic and versatile machine.
   Wheels provide mobility to the machine.
   All surfaces which are in contact with the bread are made of food stuf friendly materials.
   Silent Operation without vibration.
   It slices 900 per hour.
   Blades can be coated with teflon optionally.
   Bread clutch adjust can be done manually.
   Blowing packaging equipment can be added optionally.
   Ramp Lenght is 1 m and it is detachable
 Bread Length 
 400 mm 
 Bread Height 
 50-140 mm 
 Slice Thickness 
 10-20 mm 
 Capacity (max/h) 
 900 pieces / hour 
 Conveyer Belt Speed 
 0,2-2,5 m/s 
 Motor Power 
 1,1 Kw 
 Machine Width 
 610 mm 
 Machine Lenght 
 1670+1000 mm (with ramp) 
 Machine Height 
 1180 mm 
 Bench Height 
 820 mm
 260 kg

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