Bakery Equipment in UAE

Posted on: 01 May 18

Both start-up bakeries and large well-established facilities require equipment to prepare baked goods. When starting a bakery, the business owner can begin with smaller capacity equipment and upgrade as the business grows. Ovens, mixers, baker racks and storage equipments are those unavoidable items for types of bakeries be it small or large, start up or well established.
 Ovens and Fryers
 Ovens and fryers are essential equipment for a large or small bakery. The type of ovens the bakery uses depends on the amount and type of baking. While a start-up bakery with limited space and funds can chooses a smaller convection oven, the larger bakeries use a rack oven that allows the baker to roll an entire rack of baked goods into the oven at one time.
 Bakeries must have mixers to prepare multiple batches of dough for baking. Here also the type of mixers used by the large bakeries and small start-up bakeries varies. Start-ups may choose a 40-quart mixer to keep up with the needs of the business. Larger mixers that hold more than 140 quarts are available for high production levels. Horizontal mixers are used in large bakeries and can mix up to 500 lbs. of ingredients.
 Proof Boxes
 A proof box provides storage space for dough set aside to rise. Mobile proof boxes hold sheets of dough and bakers can roll it out of the way when necessary.
 Bakery Racks
 Bakeries must have racks to store baked goods during production. Bakery racks are built to hold specific types of pans such as bun pans or bread pans. Bakeries will have racks for storing, cooling, freezing and baking.
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