Deck Oven Vs Rack Oven

The most important bakery equipment of any bakery is Oven. There are a variety of different ovens available for commercial use. Even though it seems that all the oven does the same job, however, while choosing the right type of oven, it depends on what you want to bake.
 Depending upon the functions there are two types of the oven- deck ovens and rack ovens are available.
 Let us understand the difference between them.
 Deck Oven
 Deck Ovens use conduction and radiant heat to bake products. In this conduction process, the heat directly travels from baking surface to the food product being baked. These baking surfaces are available in different types such as natural stone, ceramic or composite hearth. The heat energy gets stored into the hearth which helps to provide even and consistent heating throughout the baking cycle. Radiant heat helps the dough to be heated thoroughly. Deck ovens are best suitable for baking breads.
 Deck ovens are well known for producing a beautiful, crusty loaf of bread.
 Deck Oven Pros:
 Stored heat energy in the baking hearth
 No moving air inside the deck
 Highly effective robust steam system
 Holds its temperature very well
 Individual control for each deck
 Easy to clean
 Easy Control of top and bottom element separately
 Low maintenance
 Deck Oven Cons:
 Not as versatile as a convection oven
 Very heavy and bulky
 Large footprint
 Requires more labor to operate
 Slow temperature change
 May have to install a hood or a vent
 Rack Oven
 Rack oven uses the convection heat technology. In this convection heat process, a fan is used to circulate the heat evenly inside the baking chamber. This Convection heating ensures consistent baking. It also helps to save on cooking temperature and cooking time. The oven is heated by electric elements or gas burners. You can easily load and unload the entire chamber at once with many pans as compared to other ovens where you need to load and unload one pan at a time. This means that all the products that are loaded in the rack oven get evenly baked and takes the same amount of time.
 Rack ovens are ideal for a wide range of baked goods including pastries, breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, pan bread, artisan bread, bagels and so much more.
 Rack Oven Pros:
 Very versatile
 Consistent heat throughout the oven
 Easy to use
 Saves on space
 Changes temperature quickly
 Faster baking
 Requires less labor
 Delivers flavorsome product with appealing texture
 Rack Oven Cons:
 Lack in a steam delivery system
 Everything bakes at the same temp and time
 If you are still confused about selecting the right oven, East Gate Factory is here to help you. We are here to help you to achieve your business goal by evaluating your product, available space, budget and selecting the best oven type by understanding its advantages and limitations. East Gate Factory also helps you with installation and maintenance service for bakery equipment.

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