Commercial Arabic Pita Bread Making Machine

Features of Arabic Bread Maker Machine
 Eastgate Factory has designed & developed a very compact, simple, and Automatic Arabic Bread Making Plant of different sizes. The company guarantees that it is the most hygienic way of making Arabic pita bread.
 The Arabic bread-making machine is corrosion-resistive and rusts preventive stainless steel.
 It is the ideal equipment for making pita bread.
 The machine is fully automatic production process includes mixing, shaping, baking, and cooling part. Our Arabic bread-making machine can make different sizes of pita bread.
 The Pita bread machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, and very affordable.
 Machine parts made of food-grade material.
 Adjustable Production speed, maintenance methods are convenient.
 Easily adjustable shape and thickness.
 Electronically controlled production speed.
 These pita bread machines are electrically operated and are very simple to use.
 The high-quality Bread made by these machines is made under the most hygienic conditions and is very tasty.
 The machines are capable of meeting the latest demand of both quality and quantity.
 The installation of these machines has a great scope where the demand for pita bread is in Bulk.
 The company guarantees that it is the most hygienic way of making pita bread.
 Pita bread is very popular in the UAE. Our machines are hot sale in UAE, if you need to know the details of the purchase, please send your requirement to us.
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