APM20-EV Planetary Mixer

The Atra Planetary mixers were specifically designed for bakeries, patisseries, hotels and large kitchens.
 This versatile Planetary mixer can be used mixing, beating and kneading...Simple and safe use.
 Mixing and beating machines are developed for the users who have extra
 ordinarily high quality requirements for the production of various masses want to work in an extremely economical manner. Such machines have
 attained a perfect reknown in the international area.
   A rotating electric motor with quite powerful
   Free moving, no need maintenance mixing head
   Each machine can be used with various size of bowls.
   Blade can be adjusted optionally.
   Control panel system adjusted optionally.
   Automatic bowl lift system can be added.
   Bowl Capacity is 20 Lt.
   Adjustable bowl height.
   Bowls and tools are made of stainless steel
 APM 20 EV 
 Bowl Volume 
 20 lt. 
 Motor Power 
 0,75 kw 
 Dimensions AxBxC 
 660x500x760 mm 
 80 kg
 Dot. Head Speed (D/dk/Rpm) 
 Rot. Whisk Speed (D/dk/Rpm)

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